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A. Jay


Autor: JAY, A.

publisher: Bounce Sales

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Come on a magical festive adventure! A beautiful Christmas story told through Alison Jay's classic illustrations. Two wakeful children creep downstairs on Christmas Eve, meet Father Christmas and are taken on an amazing adventure to his home in the North Pole and back again. Each page also features a different Christmas object, which is named to encourage vocabulary building and

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OXFORD DICTIONARY OF POLITICAL QUOTATIONS 4th Edition (Oxford Paperback Reference)

Autor: JAY, A.

publisher: OUP References

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The Fourth Edition boasts nearly 5,000 quotations--over 300 new to this volume. The additions reflect both key events of recent years and quotations from earlier periods that have lately come to light. The book showcases a who's who of politics, covering everyone from Napoleon to Barack Obama, plus such notables as Mahatma Gandhi, Sarah Palin, George Washington, Charles de Gaulle, and

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