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A. Sikorzynska

New Opportunities Pre-Intermediate Students' Book - 2nd Revised edition

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Michael Harris,A. Sikorzynska

publisher: Pearson

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Based on feedback from teachers and students around the world, New opportunities now comes with exciting new features and components to make your lessons even more motivating and successful. New Opportunities is compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference and has a CEFR-friendly Photocopiable Learner Diary to track progress.

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New Opportunities Intermediate Students Book

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - A. Sikorzynska,David Mower

publisher: Pearson

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* New Reading and Listening Texts motivate students to speak and think in English. * New exam zones in the Powerbook build students' exam skills and confidence. * New comprehensive testing programme provides total evaluation for students * Grammar and skills development give students a solid base for learning. * Training in independent study skills ensures good learning habits. * Cross curricular

Sleva 15 % z běžně ceny 525 Kč

Naše cena: 446 Kč

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