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A. Warhol


Autor: WARHOL, A.

publisher: Transworld Publishers

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"In the late 1960s, Andy Warhol, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, set out to turn an ordinary book into a piece of pop art. He said that he wanted to create a 'bad' novel 'because doing something the wrong way always opens doors'. The result was this astonishing account of the famously influential group of artists, superstars, addicts and freaks who made up the world

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Autor: WARHOL, A.

publisher: Penguin Group UK

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Warhol carries a camera everywhere he goes. He shoots celebrities, entertain ers, writers, avant-garde artists, body- builders, wrestlers, eccentrics, and ur ban street poor. This collection has been selected from a 10-year archive. Warhol's eye catches the odd contra diction, the outlandish, the amusing, the touching. It is never contemptuous. The cumulative effect tells us some thing

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