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B. Yuan


Autor: Kolektiv autorů - YUAN, B.,CHURCH, S. K.

publisher: OUP References

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This is the reissued Oxford Chinese Mini Dictionary - now in an attractive new format. This small dictionary offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary with over 15,000 words and phrases and 20,000 translations. Entries on both sides of the dictionary are given in Pinyin and simplified Chinese characters for Mandarin Chinese. Easy-to-use colour design and a

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Autor: Kolektiv autorů - CHURCH, S. K.,YUAN, B.

publisher: OUP References

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A compact, portable mini dictionary with over 45,000 words, phrases, and translations. Now includes a handy phrasefinder for quick access to essential phrases when travelling. The phrasefinder is also available as MP3 download, so you can listen while on the move. The ultra-clear layout helps you find the translation you need quickly. Thousands of example phrases, headwords in simplified Chinese

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Oxford Starter Chinese Dictionary

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Yuan, B.,Church, S.

publisher: OUP References

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This revolutionary new dictionary is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to Chinese in a completely new way. It covers all the vocabulary learners will need in their first years of study and gives unique guidance to the grammar and usage of the language. This dictionary is created specifically for beginners: colour headwords and translations; no confusing abbreviations; warning

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