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C. Gifford


Autor: GIFFORD, C.

publisher: Pan Macmillan

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An inspirational manual that will help young players of all levels to reach their full potentiaL.

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Autor: Kolektiv autorů - GALLERY, S.,GIFFORD, C.

publisher: Pan Macmillan

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This amazing 320-page encyclopedia is the perfect one-volume book of knowledge for children aged eight to ten. It is packed with colourful illustrations, step-by-step sequences and the latest photography. Arranged thematically into ten core subjects, the concise text is clear, accurate and perfectly pitched, making this an unbeatable resource for home and school.

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Amazing Inventions: Ladybird First Fabulous Facts

Autor: Gifford, C.

publisher: Ladybird Books

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First Fabulous Facts is an illustrated non-fiction series for 3-5 year olds. Fun and fascinating facts engage young children and bring their favourite interests, hobbies and obsessions to life. Amazing Inventions takes a look at the world's most famous (and not-so-famous) inventions. From technological innovations such as the telephone and iPod, and ground-breaking discoveries in science and

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