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C. Mccann

Let the Great World Spin

Autor: McCann, C.

publisher: Bloomsbury

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It's New York, August 1974: a man is walking in the sky. Between the newly built Twin Towers, the man twirls through the air. Far below, the lives of complete strangers spin towards each other: Corrigan, a radical Irish monk working in the Bronx; Claire, a delicate Upper East Side housewife reeling from the death of her son; Lara, a drug-addled young artist; Gloria, solid and proud despite

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Autor: MCCANN, C.

publisher: Heinle ELT

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"""Collins Cobuild: Active English"" offers learners of English all the words they need to be able to use English with confidence. It has been designed for intermediate learners wishing to speak, write and read with confidence. This edition contains the 6000 most important words in English, each one illustrated by an example from the Bank of English showing context and usage. All explanations

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