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Ch. Butler

The Lurkers

Autor: Butler, Ch.

publisher: Usborne Publishing

0 / 5
This is a disturbing tale of strange and dangerous beings beyond the physical world. When Verity sees a weird semi-visible figure, her brother John tells her it is a harmless Lurker. But Lurkers feed on human imagination and this one is using John to become more solid and independent. When Verity discovers the Lurker's secret plan, she must fight to save her brother's mind.

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Autor: BUTLER, CH.

publisher: Pan Macmillan

0 / 5
Little Hedgehog is delighted when he wakes up to find it is raining. At last he can try out his lovely new raincoat, hat and boots, and his wonderful sparkly umbrella. But soon the rain gets faster and the wind gets blowier and Little Hedgehog's rainy day turns into a great big adventure.

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