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Ch. Lee


Autor: LEE, CH.

publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

0 / 5
June Han has forged a life thousands of miles from her birthplace: she has built a business in New York, survived a husband, borne a child. But her past holds more secrets than she has ever been able to tell, and thirty years after her escape from war-ravaged Korea, the time has come for her to confront them. Hector Brennan, fighter, drinker and 'failure grand and total', is the man who long ago

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This Sceptred Isle

Autor: Lee, Ch.

publisher: Littlehampton

0 / 5
What is Britishness? What allowed one small island group to rule a quarter of the world and, even today, to have the most spoken language after Chinese? What makes Americans admire the guts, traditions and loyalties of these island Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples? What is it that makes cynical Europeans and once-dominated Asians look to the British for opinion, literature, social norms and

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