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Ch. Woodford


Autor: Kolektiv autorů - COCKBURN, D. (Illustr. by),WOODFORD, CH.

publisher: Dorling Kindersley

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Discover the world around you in a new and exciting way You and the world around you are full of energy. From the food you eat to the awesome power of the stars, energy is a part of everything in the Universe. How much energy is there in a bolt of lightning? Why is there more heat in an iceberg than a cup of tea? Find out how energy affects your daily life, the ways it is released, how plants and

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Cool Stuff Exploded


publisher: Penguin Group UK

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Technology explored, explained and exploded Widescreen TVs, mobile phones, even space rockets have turned what was once outlandish into the everyday. But how do they actually function? What are the secrets behind this science? And what would they look like if you could delve right into the heart of their insides? Let your child delve into a host of inventions, objects and gadgets to explore

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