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The Life of Rylan

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Clark,Neal, R.

publisher: Random House UK

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Well hark at you, stumbling upon my autobiography. Bet you wouldn't have put money on that three years ago, eh?! Please don't stress yourself out too much though, it's actually socially acceptable nowadays that you're interested. Firstly I'd like to emphasise that I have WRITTEN THIS BOOK MYSELF, so be assured you're getting the TOOTH, the WHOLE TOOTH and NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH! (Which was

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Autor: Kolektiv autorů - CLARK,THYEN,

publisher: OUP References

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Completely updated to include the very latest vocabulary, this third edition of the Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary contains coverage of over 150,000 words and phrases, and 250,000 translations, with hundreds of new words in each language. New additions include blogger, flash mob, rate tart, and web spider. This new edition also includes a comprehensive correspondence guide with sample

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