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E. Martin

OXFORD DICTIONARY OF BIOLOGY 6th Edition (Oxford Paperback Reference)

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - HINE, R. S.,MARTIN, E.

publisher: OUP References

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Fully revised and updated for the sixth edition, this market-leading dictionary is the perfect guide for anyone studying biology, either at school or university. With nearly 5,500 clear and concise entries, over 400 of them new to this edition, it provides comprehensive coverage of biology, biophysics, and biochemistry. Features include biographical entries on key scientists, chronologies

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OXFORD A-Z OF MEDICINAL DRUGS 2nd Edition (Oxford Paperback Reference)

Autor: MARTIN, E.

publisher: OUP References

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A clear and comprehensive reference guide to medicines and their effects, ideal for home use or for health care professionals and medical students. Written in an accessible style, this dictionary contains over 4,000 entires on a wide range of medicines available today. Covering the full range of over-the-counter, pharmacy, and prescription medicines, this dictionary is perfect for meeting

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