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F. Duncan

AMSTERDAM TOP 10 (Eyewitness Travel Guides)

Autor: DUNCAN, F.

publisher: Dorling Kindersley

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Eyewitness Top 10 Amsterdam will lead you straight to the heart of theexciting and beautiful Dutch capital. The cosmopolitan European city islaid out for you with user-friendly maps and the stunning photographywill whet your appetite for the meandering canals and colourful flowermarkets. This full-colour and richly illustrated guide is both detailedand pocket-sized – and with a free pull-out map,

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Autor: DUNCAN, F.

publisher: Littlehampton

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Exploring Paris with this guide is like being taken by a friend who knows all the best restaurants, shops and attractions. It will introduce not only the famous sights but the atmosphere of the city as a whole. The beautiful mapping is uniquely easy to use because it shows the street plan as well as the look of your surroundings. The routes are in all the most interesting areas of central

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