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G. Paxinos

Atlas of the Human Brain, 4th ed.

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Mai, Juergen K. , Majtanik, M. , Paxinos, G.

publisher: Elsevier Books

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The fourth edition of Atlas of the Human Brain presents the anatomy of the brain at macroscopic and microscopic levels, featuring different aspects of brain morphology and topography. This greatly enlarged new edition provides the most detailed and accurate delineations of brain structure available. It includes features which assist in the new fields of neuroscience - functional imaging, resting

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Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Watson, Ch.,Kirkcaldie, M.,Paxinos, G.

publisher: Elsevier Ltd

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The authors of the most cited neuroscience publication, The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates, have written this introductory textbook for neuroscience students. The text is clear and concise, and offers an excellent introduction to the essential concepts of neuroscience. Based on contemporary neuroscience research rather than old-style medical school neuroanatomy Thorough treatment of motor

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