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I. Damjanov


Autor: Damjanov, I.

publisher: Elsevier Ltd

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This completely new textbook takes an integrative, problem-based approach to pathophysiology, creating an effective bridge from basic science to clinical practice. Preeminent pathology practitioner, author, and instructor Ivan Damjanov, MD, PhD skillfully provides you with the rich understanding of disease mechanisms you need to succeed on the USMLE and beyond. Clinical vignettes in each chapter,

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Liver Pathology for Clinicians

Autor: Damjanov, I.

publisher: Springer Customer Service Cent

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This is the first volume in a new Springer series, Pathology for Clinicians, which aims to assist clinicians in their daily decision making by providing reliable, clearly presented information on current techniques in pathology, their uses and indications, clinical-pathologic correlations, and the significance of pathologic diagnoses. Liver Pathology for Clinicians first discusses key technical

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