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J. Bell


Autor: BELL, J.

publisher: Phaidon Press Ltd

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Bonnard is acknowledged as a master of modern art, following in the tradition of the Impressionists. He is best known as a painter of intimate, domestic interiors but he was also a highly accomplished draughtsman who produced a wealth of lithographs and drawings. This volume illustrates the full range of his output, from his early works inspired by Japanese prints, to the richly coloured works

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Autor: BELL, J.

publisher: Heinle ELT

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"New Editions Theatrical Readers" are attractively illustrated comic-strip readers with a difference: they have been specially designed so that when students have read the story, and completed the activity pages at the end of the book, they are ready to perform the play. As students have already had time to get to know the characters well and will be familiar with the script, preparing for the

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Advanced Expert CAE New Edition Course Book With Cd-rom

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Bell, J.,Gower, R.,Hyde, D.

publisher: Longman ELT Publishing

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Advanced Expert thoroughly prepares your adult and young adult students for the CAE while developing their language awareness and communicative skills. Advanced Expert CAE corresponds to level C1 of the Common European Framework. New Edition for the December 2008 exam. The expert series delivers the rigorous exam training and thorough language development that will have your

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