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J. Cannon

The Oxford Companion to British History, 2nd ed.

Autor: Cannon, J.

publisher: Oxford University Press

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Here, in a single convenient volume, is the essential reference book for anyone with an interest in British history. First published in 1997, under the editorship of the late John Cannon and in consultation with over 100 distinguished contributors, this Companion has now been updated by Robert Crowcroft to include the very latest scholarship and research. It describes and analyses the people and

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OXFORD DICTIONARY OF BRITISH HISTORY 2nd Edition (Oxford Paperback Reference)

Autor: CANNON, J.

publisher: OUP References

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A Dictionary of British History offers more than 3,800 authoritative entries written by more than 100 specialists. Now completely revised and updated, it describes the people and events that have shaped political, social, and cultural life in Britain since 55BC. Here, in a miracle of compression, are articles that define Robin Hood and Gerry Adams, Black Death and Terrorism, Dunkirk and Wembley

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OXFORD THE KINGS AND QUEENS OF BRITAIN Revised Edition (Oxford Paperback Reference)

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - CANNON, J.,HARGREAVES, A.

publisher: OUP References

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This authoritative and accessible guide to the British monarchy spans the Romano-British rulers of 55 BC to the present day House of Windsor. Generously illustrated with maps, photos, paintings, and genealogies, it contains a wealth of information on the rulers of Britain, including their policies, personalities, key dates, and legacies. There are almost 600 entries, which are organised

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