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J. Chisholm



publisher: Usborne Publishing

0 / 5
A perfect book for beginner cooks of all ages, filled with over 150 jargon-free recipes to make. Illustrated step-by-step instructions show what to do at each stage and ensure flawless results. The spiral-binding allows the book to lie flat and the tabbed pages make the book easy to navigate, perfect for use in the kitchen. Includes tips on preparing ingredients, ideas for adapting recipes and

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Who were the Vikings?

Autor: Chisholm, J.

publisher: Usborne Publishing

0 / 5
Discover whether all Vikings wore horned helmets, why people were afraid of them and more in this fascinating illustrated guide to the fearsome Vikings, from their raiders and explorers to religion and family life. Internet links take readers to specially selected websites to find out more, plus there are contents and index pages for easy reference.

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