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J. Galvin

An Introduction to the Meteorology and Climate of the Tropics

Autor: Galvin, J.

publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd

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What do we mean by the tropics? The weather and the climates it produces across the tropical zone are significantly different from those experienced by the people living in higher latitudes, so forecasters across Europe and much of North America are unfamiliar with its effects. In this book, Jim Galvin demystifies the topic in this zone that is increasingly of interest to those studying weather

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Ground Engineering - Principles and Practices for Underground Coal Mining

Autor: Galvin, J.

publisher: Springer Customer Service Cent

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This book teaches readers ground engineering principles and related mining and risk management practices associated with underground coal mining. It establishes the basic elements of risk management and the fundamental principles of ground behaviour and then applies these to the essential building blocks of any underground coal mining system, comprising excavations, pillars, and

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