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J. Guy

Elizabeth : The Forgotten Years

Autor: Guy, J.

publisher: Penguin Group UK

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An ageing queen, an heirless state, conspiracy all round: here is the court of Elizabeth I as never known before History has pictured Elizabeth I as Gloriana, an icon of strength and power. But the reality, especially during her later years, was not so simple. In 1583 Elizabeth is fifty years old, past childbearing, but her greatest challenges are still to come: the Spanish Armada; the execution

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VSI Tudors

Autor: Guy, J.

publisher: Oxford University Press

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First published as part of the best-selling The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain, John Guy's Very Short Introduction to The Tudors is the most authoritative short introduction to this age in British history. It offers a compelling account of the political, religious and economic changes of the country under such leading monarchs as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. The work has been substantially

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