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J. Mann

Eureka: Physiology

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Mann, J.,Marples, D.

publisher: NBN International Ltd

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Eureka - an innovative series for students that fully integrates core science, clinical medicine and surgery. With its engaging and authoritative text, featuring insightful clinical cases, graphic narratives, SBAs and a wealth of other learning tools, Eureka has everything students need to succeed in medicine and pass their exams. Eureka - content that reflects today's medical degree courses with

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Essentials of Human Nutrition

Autor: Mann, J.

publisher: Oxford University Press

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Essentials of Human Nutrition is the established starting point for those embarking on courses in nutrition and related fields. It has proven to be an invaluable textbook for students requiring a broad, quality survey of the subject. This third edition has been updated amidst the increasingly buoyant recognition of the role of nutrition in health and disease status. Accordingly, the book charts

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