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J. Myles

COPYKIT ENGLISH: Mini Books for Young Learners

Autor: MYLES, J.

publisher: North Star ELT

0 / 5
A photocopiable resource book of texts, puzzles and activities to learn and practise everyday words and phrases. For each pupil, the teacher photocopies 2 double-sided A4 pages, exactly as they are shown in the carefully-arranged handouts. The pupils easily fold and cut the pages to make their own 16-page ‘mini’ books on everyday topics such as School, Family, Shopping, the Body etc. The resource

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Timesaver: Plays

Autor: Myles, J.

publisher: Scholastic ELT / Mary Glasgow

0 / 5
Using plays in the language learning classroom will develop students' general confidence as well as their language skills as they become involved in a story and play a 'role'. "Timesaver Plays" presents situations and problems which are relevant to teenagers and will provide a stimulating break from the course book for students and teachers.

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TIMESAVER: READ AND REACT (Beginner to Intermediate)

Autor: MYLES, J.

publisher: Scholastic Ltd.

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This 80 page resource book is full of stimulating, topical reading texts which are specifically aimed at young teenagers learning English. The book presents students with a wide variety of text types from feature articles and lists to interviews and personality quizzes. Each text is accompanied by puzzles and language exploitation games as well as suggestions for pre-reading and discussion

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