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J. Parker

Cold Pursuit

Autor: Parker, J.

publisher: Harper Collins UK

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When vengeance runs in the blood only murder can stop it dead, in this stunning new thriller from the award-winning author of Black Water. Feuding families and a murdered millionaire. A potentially explosive case. Especially when the cop investigating belongs to one of the families … Millionaire Pete Braga has been found bludgeoned to death in his San Diego mansion. Homicide cop Tom McMichael is

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VSI African History

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Parker, J.,Rathbone, R.

publisher: Oxford University Press

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Essential reading for anyone interested in the African continent and the diversity of human history, this Very Short Introduction looks at Africa's past and reflects on the changing ways it has been imagined and represented. Key themes in current thinking about Africa's history are illustrated with a range of fascinating historical examples, drawn from over 5 millennia across this vast continent.

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