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J. Vandermeer

Veniss Underground

Autor: VanderMeer, J.

publisher: Pan Macmillan

0 / 5
Nicholas seeks to escape his demons in the dark city of Veniss' shadowy underground. But in doing so, makes a deal with the devil himself. Then in her fevered search for him, his twin sister, Nicola, spins her own unusual and hypnotic tale as she discovers the hidden secrets of the city. Finally, haunted by Nicola's sudden, mysterious disappearance and gripped by despair, Shadrach, Nicola's

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Authority (The Southern Reach Trilogy, Book 2)

Autor: VanderMeer, J.

publisher: Harper Collins UK

0 / 5
15 %
The second volume of the extraordinary Southern Reach trilogy. ‘Creepy and fascinating’ Stephen King. The Southern Reach is a government agency so secret it has almost been forgotten. Following the disastrous twelfth expedition chronicled in ‘Annihilation’, the second book of the Southern Reach trilogy introduces John Rodriguez, the new head of the government agency responsible for the

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