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Josephine Cox

A Family Secret

Autor: Josephine Cox

publisher: HarperCollins

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The new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Josephine Cox - the master storyteller. Sometimes you just need the courage to tell the truth...Although she's surrounded by a loving family, Marie feels lost: living with a lie can be very lonely. Marie has been carrying a secret for years, one that could ruin the lives of those she loves most, and the guilt she feels weighs heavily.

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Lovers and Liars

Autor: Josephine Cox

publisher: Harper Collins

0 / 5
The powerful new bestseller from Josephine Cox -- one of our foremost storytellers. It is 1902. Emily is sixteen years of age and blissfully in love with John, two years her senior. Together they are secretly planning a life, when they are violently driven apart. Denied the man she loves, and dominated by a brutally possessive uncle, Emily is devastated when she is cruelly taken advantage of.

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