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M. Butler

Babbity´s Big Bad Mood

Autor: Butler, M.

publisher: A & C Black

0 / 5
'Bother those noisy birds!' muttered Babbity. 'And bother the sun as well!' Oh dear! What a bad mood Babbity is in! His friends try everything to cheer him up: cloud-gazing, silly tricks, even rolling down the hill. Until at last Babbity's bad mood disappears. But where could it have gone...?

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Hello Life!

Autor: Butler, M.

publisher: Headline

0 / 5
Marcus Butler's irreverent YouTube channel has long combined laughs and comedy sketches with thoughts on more serious issues. What sets him apart from the rest is his ability to mix light-hearted banter with a deep empathy for the problems facing young people today. Thanks to his experiences of family illness, his parents' divorce, weight issues and catastrophic hair days, Marcus is in a

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