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M. Cox

Molecular Biology : Principles and Practice, 2nd Ed.

Autor: Cox, M.

publisher: Macmillan Distribution

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Written and illustrated with unsurpassed clarity, "Molecular Biology: Principles and Practice" introduces fundamental concepts while exposing students to how science is done. The authors convey the sense of joy and excitement that comes from scientific discovery, highlighting the work of researchers who have shaped and who continue to shape the field today."

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Dead Famous: Elvis

Autor: Cox, M.

publisher: Scholastic Ltd.

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You've probably heard of Elvis. He is dead famous for: .being the King of Rock 'n' Roll .having trouble fitting into his spangly white jumpsuits .causing a riot with a wiggle of his pelvis. But have you heard that Elvis .escaped from tornadoes by hidiing in a cave .flew halfway across America for 22 giant sandwiches .had a tooth stuck in his lung? Yes, even though he's dead, Elvis is still full

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