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M. Lawson

Road Ends

Autor: Lawson, M.

publisher: Random House UK

0 / 5
Twenty-one-year-old Megan Cartwright has never been outside the small town she was born in but one winter’s day in 1966 she leaves everything behind and sets out for London. Ahead of her is a glittering new life, just waiting for her to claim it. But left behind, her family begins to unravel. Disturbing letters from home begin to arrive and torn between her independence and family ties, Megan

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Dead on Arrival

Autor: Lawson, M.

publisher: Harper Collins UK

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Joe DeMarco is back and the corridors of power have never felt so deadly! First a bomb attack on the Baltimore Harbour tunnel is averted. Then a young American Muslim is shot down in a Cessna plane whilst trying to drive it into The Whitehouse. What follows is chaos as a ruthless senator tries to pass a xenophobic law that will see non-citizen Muslims deported and extensive background checks on

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