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M. Robertson

Psychiatry at Glance

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Katona, C.,Cooper, C.,Robertson, M.

publisher: John Wiley and Sons Ltd

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Psychiatry at a Glance is an easy-to-use, accessible introductory and study text for all students of psychiatry. It helps develop your skills in history taking and performing the Mental State Examination (MSE), and presents ‘need to know’ information on the basic science, treatment, and management of the major disorders. This edition features: Thoroughly updated and reorganised artwork, offering

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The Wreck of the Titan

Autor: Robertson, M.

publisher: TBS

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John Rowland, a disgraced former Royal Navy lieutenant, has taken employment as a lowly deck hand aboard the largest ship ever to have sailed, the Titan. One night in deep fog, the ship strikes a gigantic iceberg and sinks almost immediately. Written 14 years before the Titanic's sinking, this novella has been hailed in equal measures as a prophetic work and the work of pure

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