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M. S. Greenberg

Handbook of Neurosurgery

Autor: Greenberg, M.S.

publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag KG

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For two decades, Handbook of Neurosurgery -- now in a fully updated seventh edition -- has been an invaluable companion for every neurosurgery resident and nurse, as well as neurologists and others involved in the care of patients with brain and spine disorders. Dr. Greenberg's classic text covers the breadth of neurosurgery and its allied specialties and provides the latest information

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Handbook of Neurosurgery, 8th Ed.

Autor: Greenberg, M. S.

publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag

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Now in an updated eighth edition, the Handbook of Neurosurgery has enjoyed legendary status on the bookshelf of every neurosurgery department for over a quarter of a century. Renowned for its scope and accessibility, the portable, single-volume guide is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in the care of patients with disorders of the central nervous system – neurosurgical residents,

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