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Mark Mazower

The Balkans: From the End of Byzantium to the Present Day

Autor: Mark Mazower

publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicholson (UK)

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At the end of the twentieth century people spoke as if the Balkans had plagued Europe for ever. But two hundred years earlier, the Balkans did not exist. It was not the Balkans but the 'Rumeli' that the Ottomans ruled, the formerly Roman lands they had conquered from Byzantium, together with their Christian inhabitants. In this original account of the region Mark Mazower dispels current

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Salonica, City Of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims And Jews 1430-1950

Autor: Mark Mazower

publisher: Random House (US)

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Salonica, located in northern Greece, was long a fascinating crossroads metropolis of different religions and ethnicities, where Egyptian merchants, Spanish Jews, Orthodox Greeks, Sufi dervishes, and Albanian brigands all rubbed shoulders. Tensions sometimes flared, but tolerance largely prevailed until the twentieth century when the Greek army marched in, Muslims were forced out, and the Nazis

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