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P. Allan

Clinical Doppler Ultrasound 3rd Ed.

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Allan, P.,Pozniak, M.

publisher: Elsevier Books

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Clinical Doppler Ultrasound offers an accessible, comprehensive introduction and overview of the major applications of Doppler ultrasound and their role in patient management. The new edition of this medical reference book discusses everything you need to know to take full advantage of this powerful modality, from anatomy, scanning, and technique, to normal and abnormal findings and

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Clinical Ultrasound, 2-Volume Set

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Allan, P.,Baxter, G.,Weston, M.

publisher: Elsevier Books

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"Clinical Ultrasound" has been thoroughly revised and updated by a brand new editorial team in order to incorporate the latest scanning technologies and their clinical applications in both adult and paediatric patients. With over 4,000 high-quality illustrations, the book covers the entire gamut of organ systems and body parts where this modality is useful. It provides the ultrasound practitioner

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