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P. Dunn


Autor: DUNN, P.

publisher: Oxford University Press

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Zoom Deutsch will captivate your 11-14 year old students with integrated video, whatever the starting point! The course is fully flexible providing clear routes for students following both two-year and three-year courses at KS3 and catering for the full ability range. Zoom Deutsch is an inspiring two-part German course offering fresh, exciting material and a fully-integrated video drama for the

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Élan 1: Pour OCR AS Teacher's Book

Autor: Dunn, P.

publisher: OUP ED

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This edition has been developed in collaboration with the OCR subject team and fully supports the 2008 specification. It includes engaging bridging material at AS Level to keep students motivated and learning with topics that interest them, plus updated content to deliver the specification easily and effectively. Free eBook versions of our OCR A Level Élan Student Books are available to schools

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