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P. Johnson

History of American People

Autor: Johnson, P.


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Readable and provocative and written with Paul Johnson's customary vigorous, direct and colourful style, A History of the American People charts the sweep and drama of America's history through its politics and economics, its art and literature and science, its society and manners and, not least, its complex religious beliefs. From Walter Raleigh to Bill Clinton, Paul Johnson casts an

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Autor: JOHNSON, P.

publisher: Penguin Group UK

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Twins, Sam and Ella have discovered they are extraordinary! They can send thought messages to each other and - when they're doing it - they have super powers! So, when pet dogs start to disappear, the twins decide to use their powers to solve the mystery - only to run headlong into danger...A thrilling read for children of 7+Comic-strip illustrations from Rowan Clifford are an exciting extra to

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