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From Venice to Istanbul: Dicovering the Flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean

Autor: Rick Stein

publisher: BBC (UK)

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From the mythical heart of Greece to the fruits of the Black Sea coast; from Croatian and Albanian flavours to the spices and aromas of Turkey and beyond - the cuisine of the Eastern Mediterranean is a vibrant melting pot brimming with character. Accompanying the major BBC Two series, Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul includes over 100 spectacular recipes discovered by Rick during his

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Top Gear: Planet Garage: Stuff to Do in a World of Your Own

Autor: (various)

publisher: BBC (UK)

0 / 5
The garage: a den, a hiding place, a sanctuary, a workshop. A haven for the modern man. Need somewhere to begin your fledgling and highly optimistic beer brewing enterprise? The garage. Want a place to stash your secret collection of hats? The garage. Maybe you just want to drum your fingers or whistle without being told to stop? Head for the garage and shut that door. The garage is the

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Yes, Minister: Complete

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Lynn,Jay

publisher: BBC (UK)

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