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Leonard Cohen: Poems and Songs

Autor: Leonard Cohen

publisher: Everyman's Library (UK)

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This anthology contains a cross-section covering his career, including such legendary songs as "Suzanne", "Sisters of Mercy", "Bird on the Wire", "Famous Blue Raincoat" and "I'm Your Man" and searingly memorable poems from many collections including "Flowers for Hitler", "Beautiful Losers" and "Death of a Lady's Man". Encompassing the erotic and the melancholy, the mystical and the sardonic, this

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Autor: Reiner Maria Rilke

publisher: Everyman's Library (UK)

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This selection includes poems from all stage s of Rilke''s career, beginning with the delicate works of hi s early years, through the extraordinary poems he wrote in F rench, and concluding with his mature masterpieces such as T he Sonnets to Orpheus

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I'm Your Man: The Biography of Leonard Cohen

Autor: Sylvie Simmons

publisher: Everyman's Library (UK)

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This is published to coincide with Leonard Cohen's exclusive show at London's The O2 on Friday 21 June 2013. This book contains exclusive material and interviews making it the biography to buy on Leonard Cohen - singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist. The genius behind such classic songs as Suzanne, Bird on the Wire and Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen has been one of the most important and

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