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League of Nations (Makers of Modern World: Peace conferences 1919-23 & their aftermath)

Autor: Ruth Henig

publisher: Haus Publishing (UK)

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90 years ago the League of Nations convened for the first time hoping to settle disputes by diplomacy not war. This book looks at how the League was shaped and the multi-faceted body which emerged, and how it was used in ensuing years to counter territorial ambitions and restrict armaments, as well as its role in human rights and refugee issues. The failure of the League to prevent the Second

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Autor: Kurt Honolka

publisher: Haus Publishing (UK)

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First biography of famous Czech composer in more than a decade. Author sets the scene for Dvořák "American" music, composed after his return from the US, the context of his most famous work, the Ninth Symphony From the New World.

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