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Angličtina - I. Graham

Project Space

Autor: Graham, I.

publisher: Miles Kelly

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Project Space engages kids to learn with 11 amazing hands-on projects, as well as fascinating facts and charming illustrations. Kids will love this exciting project book, covering important topics such as the Big Bang, stars and galaxies, and the Solar System. Project Space uses a combination of exciting step-by-step projects and flaps to lift throughout to encourage practical and interactive

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Autor: GRAHAM, I.

publisher: Bounce Sales

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What were the first ever inventions? When was the wheel first around? What's the fastest machine on Earth? This fascinating book answers all the questions children love to ask about the world's oldest and newest machines and inventions. This book lets you learn about some of the people and ideas that have changed the world as we know it, from the first tools to the inventions of the

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