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Art for Travellers Prague: The Essential Guide to Viewing Art in Prague

Autor: (various)

publisher: Interlink (US)

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It is no exaggeration to call Praha (Czech for Prague) one of the most beautiful cities in the world; few places possess such atmosphere and history, such magnificent art and architecture. Part of its allure comes from its extraordinarily eclectic layers: a single vista can encompass soaring Gothic turrets, voluted Baroque gables, colorful Art Nouveau mosaics and jutting Cubist facades. Its

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Traveller's Companion to Prague

Autor: Jan Kaplan

publisher: Interlink (US)

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The Eastern and Central European Kitchen: Contemporary & Classic Recipes

Autor: Silvena Rowe

publisher: Interlink (US)

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The fresh ingredients and unfamiliar flavor combinations of Central and Eastern Europe are capturing the imaginations of gourmet stores and restaurants in the West today. Rowe turns to countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Georgia, Russia, and the Ukraine for her inspiring collection of recipes.

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