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English for Specific Purposes

Autor: Ian David Bell

publisher: Nakladatelství Leges

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This book is aimed primarily at law students but its themes may be of interest to anyone with an interest in English.

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VAT Frauds (Carousel Frauds)

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Tomáš Strémy, Natalia Hangačová

publisher: Nakladatelství Leges

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15 %
The publication addresses up-to-date issues of cross-border economic crime, particularly VAT frauds with emphasis on carousel frauds. Starting with European Union’s legislation in terms of value added taxes and the VAT system functioning within the European Union Member States, it describes various VAT fraud schemes and finally emphasizes European Commission’s proposed solution, i.e. Action plan

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Basic Economics

Autor: Jana Bellová

publisher: Nakladatelství Leges

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The author designed the book for anyone who is not an English native speaker and wants to learn and understand some basic economic terms, principles and key aspects of economics. It should help to improve English and see economics as an interesting and multi discipline science. The text allows those following the book to work at their own speed and pace as well as regulate their own depth of

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Legal Theory

Autor: Petr Osina

publisher: Nakladatelství Leges

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16 %
The aim of the textbook is to provide students with a guide to the basic theoretical questions of law. It is up to legal theory to reveal common principles and traditions beyond local particularisms. A bridge should be built between the study of positive law and the study of legal theory. Too often these fields are studied separately as if opposed to each other. But practice without theory is

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Superior Responsibility in International Criminal Law

Autor: Kolektiv autorů - Ondřej Svaček,M. Chadimová,Ivana Procházková

publisher: Nakladatelství Leges

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18 % Novinka
The book analyzes traditional form of responsibility applicable in proceedings before the international criminal courts and tribunals according to which commander/superior is held responsible for failure to prevent or repress crimes under international law committed by his/her subordinates. In chronological order, the book addresses controversial origins of this doctrine and relevant case-law

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