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Archist : If Artists Were Architects

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Publikováno: 2016
Formát: Paperback 30 stran
Cena: 840 Kč ( 764 Kč bez DPH)


Archist is a playful interpretation of the expressive language and aesthetics of some of the world's most popular artists. For example, Babina tried to imagine what a house designed by Dali or a museum conceived by Miro would look like. The illustrations represent an imaginary and imagined world of shapes. Federico Babina finds great pleasure in imagining architecture designed and constructed through the interpretation of an artist's language. The book shows that there is a symbiotic relationship and implicit partnership between architecture and art. A sculpture is like micro-architecture, a facade can become like a painted canvas and a building can look like it was shaped by a skilled sculptor. The posters in the book manage to catch the essence of the oeuvre of the artists in question. As a consequence, the posters are much more than mere decoration; they become a playful piece of art history. Thanks to the binding, the posters can be detached from the book without needing a serrated edge, and you can hang them on the wall. Each poster is a work of art on its own.


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  • EAN: 9789460581823

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