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Publikováno: 2012
Formát: Rok vydání: 2012 , Typ: paperback paperback 176 stran
Cena: 572 Kč ( 520 Kč bez DPH)
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Aspire is an exciting new three level upper secondary course packed full of National Geographic content including images and video. With Aspire student’s will: Discover the world through fascinating content from National Geographic Learn the language and grammar they need to communicate within the classroom and in the real world Engage with the world though real-life Case Study sections which take students beyond the classroom About the Author Paul Dummett is currently the Director of e@o online learning ltd. His career started in EFL started in 1986 as a teacher of General English. It quickly developed with an interest in task-based teaching and ESP and for the last 10 years has worked on writing and delivering courses to professionals. He is the author of various skills and business English titles. John Hughes has taught for over 15 years and prepared students for BEC at all three levels. He has run Business ENglish departments in Poland and Italy and organised teacher training courses including preparation for The LCCIEB Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English examination. He has written a number of course books for students and resource books for teachers as well as numerous articles for publications such as The Guardian Weekly. Currently, he is involved in the writing and development of online materials for training teachers.


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  • ISBN: 1133564526
  • EAN: 9781133564522

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