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Children's Encyclopedia Earth

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Publikováno: 2013
Formát: hardback 224 stran
Cena: 220 Kč běžně 245 Kč
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nebo Hlídající pes, Doporučit známému, Položit dotaz prodejci, Přidat do oblíbených


Children's Encyclopedia Earth is loaded with exciting facts about Earth's features and beyond! Subjects included are planet Earth, polar lands, oceans, rainforests and saving the Earth. This wonderfully illustrated children's encyclopedia is a great learning tool, which children aged 7+ will find fun, enjoyable and stimulating. Covering a wide range of topics, such as planet Earth, polar lands, oceans, rainforests and saving the Earth, each page in Children's Encyclopedia Earth is creatively designed and packed with amazing photographs, artworks and diagrams. This Earth encyclopedia for kids encourages young minds to learn and understand what they are reading through quizzes, cartoons and activity projects to do at home. Essential topics covered in Children's Encyclopedia Earth: • Planet Earth: Inside the Earth, Massive mountains, and Wild weather • Polar Lands: Animals of Arctic lands, Sliding and diving, and Race to the South Pole • Oceans: Tides and shores, Pirates!, and Riding the waves • Rainforests: Where in the world?, Magical Madagascar, and Kaleidoscope of colour • Saving the Earth: Global warming, Reducing waste, and In the garden Examples of 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts: • Every day there are 45,000 thunderstorms on Earth. Lightning strikes somewhere in the world about 100 times a second. • People who live in rainforests can build their entire homes from plant materials. Walls are made from palm stems or bamboo, and leaves can be woven to make roofs and floors. • After a young albatross first takes off, it may stay in the air for more than five years, swooping to grab food at the sea's surface, before touching down again. Activities to make learning fun include: • Make your own compass using a bowl of water. • Learn how to attract birds to your garden using your own tasty bird feed. • Create an upright penguin using card, felt-tip pens and tape. Make sure you don't forget the feet and tail!


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  • EAN: 9781782091097

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