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Clinical Cases in Implant Dentistry

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Publikováno: 2016
Formát: paperback 456 stran
Cena: 2 690 Kč ( 2 445 Kč bez DPH)


Wiley's Clinical Cases series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the dental profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. This unique approach supports the new trend in case-based and problem-based learning. Highly illustrated in full color, the Clinical Cases series utilizes a format that fosters independent learning and prepares the reader for case-based examinations. Clinical Cases in Implant Dentistry presents 49 actual clinical cases, accompanied by academic commentary, that question and educate the reader about essential topics in implant dentistry, encompassing diagnosis, surgical site preparation and placement, restoration, and maintenance of dental implants. The book begins with sets of cases illustrating the steps involved in examining and diagnosing patients, the design of implants, preparing the site, and placing implants. Subsequent chapters present exemplary cases using various treatment options including single tooth implants, anterior implant restoration, full mouth restoration and discussing special considerations and potential complications. Each chapter's progression from common to increasingly challenging clinical cases enables the reader to build their skills, aiding the ability to think critically and independently. Clinical Cases in Implant Dentistry's case-based format is particularly useful for pre-doctoral dental students, post-graduate residents, and prosthodontists and implant dentists preparing for Board examinations. Key features Unique case-based format supports problem-based learning Promotes independent learning through self-assessment and critical thinking Highly illustrated with full-color clinical cases Covers all essential topics within implant dentistry


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  • EAN: 9781118702147

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