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Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology, 2nd ed.

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Autor: K. Clipinger
Vydavatel: Human Kinetics Europe Ltd
Publikováno: 2016
Formát: Hardback 416 stran
Cena: 1 940 Kč ( 1 764 Kč bez DPH)
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Běžná cena 1 940 Kč
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Karen Clippinger's first edition of "Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology" was hailed as the definitive text on the topic. This new edition builds on that success by retaining its scientific perspective while making the material more accessible to students and teachers. What's New? - A suite of online instructor and student ancillaries to support the text - An improved organization that will help teachers better cover the content in their courses - A reduction of the scientific depth to produce a more reader-friendly book that focuses on the musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology that dancers need to know - Graphics, photos, and anatomical illustrations that demonstrate muscle movements and technique considerations and set the book apart from others in its field Primary Focus While much is new in this second edition, Clippinger retains her emphasis on presenting the anatomical and kinesiological material that is essential for dancers to understand. The text includes descriptions of joint structure, key muscles, common alignment problems, select joint mechanics, and movement analysis and includes sample strength and flexibility exercises for each region of the body. Accessible to a Wider Audience Clippinger has made this second edition more engaging to a wider audience and narrowed the scope of the material so it can be more readily covered in a single undergraduate course. And while many of the text examples are dance-specific, its applied nature and its many illustrations make it a great reference for Pilates, yoga, and fitness instructors as well as dance educators and dedicated dancers. New Ancillaries - An "instructor guide" featuring a sample syllabus and course outline, chapter outlines, lab assignments, answers to review questions, and sample tests - A "presentation package" providing slides with text and graphics that reinforce key points - A student web resource including assignments, outlines, study sheets, and 20 video clips that demonstrate technique and correction guidelines This new edition will give teachers a clearer picture of the anatomical and kinesiological factors that aid in generating technique cues and identifying technique problems. It will provide dancers with a better understanding of overcoming technique challenges and preventing injuries. Its solid grounding in the sciences, along with the art and accessible text, will help teachers become more effective and empower dancers to realize their potential and artistic vision. Quotes The first edition of "Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology" was hailed by reviewers as "most likely to become the definitive text in dance anatomy, kinesiology, and conditioning classes" "(Journal of Dance Medicine and Science)"; "a must for any dance teacher who is serious about helping their students" "(Australia Dance Teacher Magazine)"; and "the most substantive dance science resource to date" "(Journal of Dance Education)."


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  • EAN: 9781450469289

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