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Publikováno: 2009
Formát: paperback 456 stran
Cena: 991 Kč ( 901 Kč bez DPH)


This textbook introduces students to the theoretical and practical dimensions of democratization in an accessible and systematic way. Democratization is the first textbook to focus on the 'global wave of democratization' which has been happening since about 1970. The book brings together leading authors from diverse international backgrounds, including some of the best known names in the field. Key themes covered in the book include: Theories of democratization and their relation to democratic theory Critical prerequisites and driving social forces of democratic transition Pivotal actors and institutions involved in democratization Conditions for democratic survival and the consolidation of newly democratized countries, and the analysis of failed democratization Demonstrations of how these factors have played a role in the different regions in which the global wave of democratization transplaced authoritarian and communist systems Possible futures of democratization worldwide. Online Resource Centre: For students: Interactive exercises Web links Interactive map Flashcard glossary Links to OUP journal articles Monthly updates For lecturers: PowerPoint slides Additional questions for each chapter


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  • EAN: 9780199233021

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