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Dental Foundation Training, 1th new ed.

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Foundation Training is mandatory for the majority of UK dental graduates who wish to practise NHS dentistry. Considered by many dentists as being a rite of passage, it underpins the development of a career in all branches of dentistry. Dental Foundation Training is a highly practical resource for all dentists interested in Foundation Training. It walks both current and prospective foundation dentists through the realities and unknowns of the year. Easy-to-read and comprehensive, it includes an essential survival guide and offers a detailed snapshot of the various directions available in the career crossroads which await after Foundation Training. 'This book is written from a practical perspective and the author's experience in the field is clearly to be seen. It is a very readable text and Amit has covered all the essential areas to facilitate what was in the early years of vocational training described as a sheltered entry into general dental practice.' Raj Rattan in his Foreword


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  • ISBN: 1846199972
  • EAN: 9781846199974

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