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Developing Grammar in Context Edition with answers

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Jazyk: Angličtina
Formát: Edition with answers
Cena: 559 Kč běžně 699 Kč
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This book offers a learner-centred approach to grammar study for intermediate level students.
Developing Grammar in Context provides clear explanations and lively practice focusing on key grammar areas. Using spoken and written examples drawn from the Cambridge International Corpus, Developing Grammar in Context will help learners consolidate and deepen their understanding of how English really works. It can be used in the classroom or for self-study. Key Features: • Language is shown in authentic contexts to encourage learners to focus on meaning as well as structure. • A range of practice activities cater for different needs and help learners think about their own learning. • Language areas are presented inductively to help engage learners' attention. ContentsTo the student; To the teacher; Acknowledgements; 1 Learning grammar and how to use this book; 2 The present simple; 3 The present continuous; 4The past simple;5 The past continuous and past simple; 6Used to and would; 7The present perfect simple; 8 The present perfect continuous; 9 The past perfect ; 10 Going to and will ; 11 Present tenses for talking about the future; 12 Future continuous and future perfect; Review unit 1; 13 Word order; 14 The imperative and instructions; 15 'Do' and other auxiliaries for emphasis; 16 Features of spoken English ;17 Question forms 1 - basic questions; 18 Question forms 2 - tags and indirect questions; 19 Reported speech1 - say, tell, ask; 20 Reported speech 2 - reporting verbs; 21 Defining relative clauses ; 22 Non-defining relative clauses ;Review Unit 2; 23 Verbs followed by infinitive or verb-ing ; 24 First, second and zero conditional sentences; 25 Third conditional, wishes and regrets; 26 The passive ; 27 Verbs confused with the passive; 28 Get / have something done; 29 Be / get used to; Review Unit 3; 30 Articles I; 31 Articles 2; 32 Personal, possessive and reflexive pronouns; 33 Possessives and demonstratives; 34 Countable and uncountable nouns and expressions of quantity; 35 Adjectives and adverbs; 36 Order of adjectives; 37 -ed and -ing adjectives; 38 too, (not) very, not enough, so, such; Review Unit 4; 39 Requests, permission and offers ; 40 Suggestions and advice; 41 Talking about ability; 42 Frequency expressions and 'tend to'; 43 Ways of comparing 1; 44 Ways of comparing 2; 45 Describing with look and like; 46 Similarities and differences: so, neither ; 47 Possibility in the present; 48 Possibility in the present ; 49 Present obligation and necessity; 50 Past and future obligation and necessity; Review Unit 5; Appendices, 1 Table of irregular verbs, 2 Verb patterns, 3 Phonetic symbols; Glossary


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