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Publikováno: 2009
Formát: Rok vydání: 2009 , Typ: hardback hardback 240 stran
Cena: 315 Kč ( 286 Kč bez DPH)
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Three dino-tastic adventures in one roaring book Are you ready for the best adventures ever? Join Jamie and Tom on their first three adventures in the secret world of real-live dinosaurs. There's a baby ankylosaurus to be rescued, a ride on the back of a triceratops, and then there's the tyrannosaurus rex that's coming after them . . . The book roars, but if you feel the ground shake too - RUN! Features A huge number of children of 5+ are obsessed with dinosaurs - toys, films and merchandise for this genre are best-sellers. This is the first series to set fast-paced adventure stories in a world with very real dinosaurs. Beautifully produced, sturdy hardback with roaring sound chip. This edition features the first three stories in the series which have sold nearly 70,000 copies in the nine months since publication. Reaction to the series from readers has been outstanding, with lots of fan mail and visitors to the website. Illustrated throughout with fantastic black and white artwork by Mike Spoor. Series published in collaboration with Working Partners, the team behind such successes as Rainbow Magic and Animal Ark. Perfect for a parent to read to a child, or for a child to read for him/herself. Dedicated website for the series at Suitable for: Age 5+ years


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  • ISBN: 019272956X
  • EAN: 9780192729569

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