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Elementary Task Listening Teacher's Book

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Jazyk: Angličtina
Formát: Teacher´s Book
Cena: 656 Kč běžně 820 Kč
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For elementary and lower-intermediate students who need to understand English as it is spoken in the UK and more widely.
Elementary Task Listening is for elementary and lower-intermediate students who need to understand English as it is spoken both in the UK and in a wider international context. The approach is similar to that of Task Listening. The twenty-one units contain: • Short recordings of authentic speech in simulated situations • A variety of accents, both native-speaker and foreign • Simple tasks with clear illustrations, which encourage students to sift out the essential information from what they hear • Thematically linked reading and writing exercises • Topics related to the real-life needs and interests of students and, by extension, to the topics covered by most beginners? courses (e.g. shopping, travelling etc.).ContentsThanks; Introduction; 1. Changing travellers cheques; 2. Sending mail; 3. Coming through immigration; 4. Describing someone; 5. Checking flight departure time; 6. Reserving hotel accommodation; 7. Arranging a business meeting; 8. Shopping in an open-air market; 9. deciding where to eat; 10. Talking about holiday photographs; 11. Making a drink; 12. Choosing from a manu; 13. Finding a garage; 14. Making enquiries in a department store; 15. Making sense of a television interview; 16. Suggesting birthday presents; 17. Using a multi-storey car park; 18. Visiting the sights; 19. Hiring a bike; 20. Asking about living abroad; 21. Working out how to get downtown; Acknowledgements.


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  • EAN: 9780521275828

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