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Emergency Preparedness : A Safety Planning Guide for People, Property and Business Continuity,2nd Ed


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Publikováno: 2016
Formát: paperback 464 stran
Cena: 2 090 Kč
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Emergency Preparedness: A Safety Guide to Planning for People, Property, and Business Continuity provides step-by-step instructions for developing prevention and response plans for all types of emergencies and disasters. It helps the reader to create an organization-wide emergency management plan that ensures that all procedures are in place and all equipment and personnel needs are addressed so that you and/or your organization can respond to an emergency situation quickly and instinctively. You will feel confident that your employees are trained and prepared to put your company's plan into action and protect all workers, property, and the life of the company in the face of any natural or non-natural event. Being prepared, understanding your risks, and taking all steps to reduce those risks can reduce the damages caused by emergencies and disasters. This book aims to help you identify those risks and be prepared for them. Now in its second edition, this book expands beyond just facility concerns. It accommodates information on: Part I: Emergencies and Disasters: Natural and Non-natural Events Part II: Planning, Procedures, Mitigation, and Recovery and Special Consideration: Hospitals and Schools The chapters include a glossary of terms, plus extensive resources on: *contact information for government agencies and suppliers; *templates and checklists for contractors; *chemical inventory; *risk analysis matrix; *storm preparation list-pre-storm and post-storm; *checklist for bomb threats; *an emergency plan audit; *and much more. The core of the book is in Part II and the chapters on creating an emergency action plan-for businesses, churches, hospitals, schools, factories-anyone. Emergency preparedness planning is essential if you want to protect your company, your employees, family, and friends.


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  • EAN: 9781598887914

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